Professional Power Points, Dimmers and Switch Services in Sydney

Your home should be your castle. You should be comfortable and also have the flexibility to suit your needs and lifestyle. Do you need more power points so you’re not running cables across the room? Want to upgrade your lighting controls to give you greater access or just set the mood? Great news! You’ve landed in the right place for all your power point, dimmer and switch needs.

Edyco Group Sydney Electricians have an extensive range of power points, dimmers and switches to meet all your needs and suit any budget. Our electricians come equipped with a wealth of experience, can easily recommend the right products for your home or business and install a variety of electrical solutions to best meet your needs. From touch screen controls to simple switches, our electricians do it all. We use nothing but durable and reliable products that all come with factory warranty.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the professionals at Edyco Electrical.

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Power Points, Dimmers and Switch Installations

The location of your power points, controls and switches are critical in the layout of each room. Should you need to rearrange the layout of a room or if you’ve never had power points and switches in the right place, speak to an electrician today.

Sometimes, the planning and of your ideal space is restricted by the lack of access to power and this can be quite frustrating. Sometimes, you may even have an ideal layout but controls or switches end up behind furniture, TVs or other appliances.

Edyco Electrical Group are here to help meet your electrical needs. Tell us about your plans and we’ll work with you to provide the best solution and provide flexibility. We’ve helped hundreds of Sydney customers create incredible spaces whilst also offering the flexibility to change and grow. Contact Edyco Electrical Group today to see how we can help you enjoy your space, exactly how you imagined it.

Why choose Edyco Electrical Group for your next project?

Edyco Electrical Group always works hard to build solid long-term relationships in order to develop a strong reputation. This is only achievable by delivering the best industry practice workmanship coupled with providing friendly approachable service.

Our electricians come with a wealth of experience, are always proud to carry themselves professionally and are always willing to offer you the best advice with every service. For someone you can rely on, contact Edyco Electrical Group today to see how we can help turn your home into your castle!

Affordable and Efficient Power Points, Dimmers and Switch Services

Exceptional quality, without breaking the bank

Value and quality have been our main focus since day one. It is our careful planning, strict safety policies and industry experience that enable us to execute all projects efficiently and within budget, ultimately passing down any savings to our valued customers.

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Friendly and Industry Recognised Professionals

At Edyco Electrical Group, we believe our main strength is our people. That is why we carefully select only the best industry recognised and qualified professionals to join our specialisedteams.

As part of our selection process we ensure all our team members share the same genuine passion for our customers projects and achieving outstanding results for them.