Professional Smoke Alarm Services in Sydney

Let Edyco Group Sydney Electricians take care of all your smoke alarm needs. Ensure you’re completing a monthly check to see if your smoke alarm is still working and operational should you experience a blackout. By law, smoke alarms are mandatory and should come with a battery for backup power in the event of a black out. Make sure your smoke alarms are compliant as they could be a life saver. Ask us about our yearly smoke alarm maintenance checks.

Should your home or business experience wild weather, it can increase the risk of a fire and power outages. Smoke alarms can be affected by dust, insects, humidity and age so make sure you are testing your every month. You can test your smoke alarm by pressing the test button which ensures the battery and the alarm are operational. Should you have any trouble or concerns, contact an electrician today.

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Smoke Alarm Installations in Sydney

One smoke alarm may not be enough. NSW Fire + Rescue recommend having smoke alarms in every bedroom, living space and in the garage. Your smoke alarms can be affected by dust, insects, humidity and age so they need to be replaced at least every 10 years. If you’re not sure how old or functional your smoke alarms are, contact a qualified electrician to inspect them.

If your home only has one smoke alarm, you should have more installed in your bedrooms as closed doors will affect your smoke alarms response time. Additionally, a distant smoke alarm and a closed bedroom door presents the risk that you might not hear the alarm which could cost you precious seconds or even minutes.

Edyco Electrical Group has a large team of highly experienced electricians that can easily install multiple alarms to help keep your family safe. Sleep a little easier knowing that your family and home are protected.

Smoke Alarm Safety Tips and Tricks

A functional smoke alarm is vital in saving lives as it gives you an early warning to evacuate or even address the source of smoke. We all hate it when burnt toast sets off our alarms however, rather be made aware that there is a hazard than have no warning available at all. It takes as little as 3 minutes for a fire to spread out of control in a home or business and as little as 2 breaths of black smoke to render someone unconscious.

NSW Fire + Rescue recommend performing the following maintenance:

  • Every month: pressing the test button to see if the battery and alarm still work
  • Every 6 months: Carefully clean the smoke alarm with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other particles that could be hindering detection
  • Every year: replace your smoke alarm batteries. If you have a battery powered smoke alarm that isn’t hard wired, it should (by law) come with a 10 year lithium battery that is irreplaceable. In this case you’ll need to replace the entire smoke alarm.
  • Every 10 years: replace all smoke alarms as their effectiveness to detect smoke deteriorates over time.

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Value and quality have been our main focus since day one. It is our careful planning, strict safety policies and industry experience that enable us to execute all projects efficiently and within budget, ultimately passing down any savings to our valued customers.

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